IKF is creating a structured career path for aspiring football players in India which will in turn create talent pipeline for Indian Football. We feel this will spur growth of sport in India. We need tour support to go to remotest corners of India to hunt talent and give these talented youngsters a platform where they get all opportunities from across the globe at single place.

For Talent Hunt

Donate to allow us to go to every nook & corner of India to spot right talent

For Platform

Donate to allow us to create Asia’s biggest platform for aspiring football player where Indian talent can be showcased to everyone across the globe

For International Exposure

Donate to help young talent go abroad for further trials & exposure.

For polishing Diamonds

Donate to create world class player development program for raw talent so that India can become feeder to world football

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    • We go across India to conduct Physical Trials. This results in expenditure for logistics, ground, water, sending scouts, videography, balls, bibs, food, manpower on day of trials.
    • Post Trials payments have to be made to Scouts, Video Analysts, Senior scouts to do Quality checks.

    • We conduct City Trials across India and then conduct National Finals which is “Biggest Trials in India”.
    • All ISL & I League clubs are invited there to scout talent from the kids handpicked by us from across India.
    • International Clubs & Academies are also invited to select Indian talent.
    • This event is done in Delhi in a stadium.
    • Expenses involved are – stadium, water, food, logistics of kids, scouts, videography, referees, lines men, ball boys, chairs, stationary, balls and bibs.

    • From National finals we spot kids who are exceptional and can do well in Europe.
    • We send these kids for further trials and exposure to European countries where probability of their selection is high.
    • This trip involves logistics, stay, arranging trials and matches in Europe.

    • We come across many raw talents in all cities who have potential to become further superstars.
    • These kids can be polished in a player development program
    • With central experts in place and regional partners across India a standard program can be conducted Pan India making us feeder to the world